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2015 Star Wars No. 1 Comic Book

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WARNING: Spoiler alert!  If you have not had the privilege to enjoy this comic book yet, please check back AFTER you have thoroughly read through it.  We do not want you to be upset with us so stop reading now as you may learn bits of information you were not ready to hear!  If you are ok with all of this, carry on...

Cover Art: A

Clean, Bold, Brilliant!

The likeness of all the characters is the first thing that caught our eyes!  Wow!  We've always felt bad for Carrie Fisher because her character has struggled in the past (most notably during the mid and late 1990s with the POTF2 action figures) with matching her likeness (and beauty) with her action figures.  But the cover artists (John Cassaday & Laura Martin) got it right!  Congratulations!  But Han, Luke, Chewy and 3PO are all spot on!  BAM! (We didn't forget R2, but, well, one can say he has no face...)

We also love the aggressive attack positions of the TIE Fighters and X-Wing Fighters with the backdrop of Vader's helmet-shaped warp speed stellar bodies!

Storyline: A

Open the cover and it starts...


Amazing.  Why?  We will tell you - because every movie starts this way.  And so should the comic books!  It is simple, but inspiring in a way that most people would just breeze past these pages but this upholds the whole tradition of the Star Wars franchise and it's deeply planted roots.  We love it!

As with any story that starts off with an idea from Han Solo, you know will never pan out as intended!  We knew right away, trouble was coming and we were eager to find out what happened.  Admittedly, we were also caught off guard as Han talked about working FOR Jabba but that later makes sense!

We think the artists did a great job depicting the TIE Fighter factory assembly lines.  It really gives the idea of the scale to which the Galactic Empire operates.

And then the chaos ensues!  Of course, with R2-D2 starting the chain reaction!  But it was a great distraction to take out the Stormtrooper and confuse the Imperial Admiral. 

We also loved how every time the Rebel gang attempt to get away in the Millennium Falcon, we never think THAT will be a problem...but it is! All the time!  The interaction between Han and C-3PO is priceless, as usual.  Why put 3PO at the controls?!  That can't EVER end well, can it?

Amidst all the chaos, we did find it a bit odd that Luke wandered off to find those prisoners but we loved the idea of this lightsaber whip thing!  Can we call that a lightwhip?  Doesn't really roll off the tongue.

The full page illustration of Darth Vader is amazing and legendary.  We are really pleased the artists used a full page to maintain the feeling of Leadership Lord Vader carries with him.  Ok, we will call it dominance, not leadership.  But we could feel the pressure Chewbacca was under when given orders to shoot Vader a page or so later!

We enjoyed how the story branched off a bit with Luke in order to face his father and we are excited for the next few issues to see how the adventures continue!

All in all, we will give this comic book an overall grade of: A. The cover art is amazing and the story line is a nice set up for the subsequent issues.  We would hesitate to grade this comic book with an A+ due to the length of the story in this issue.  It could have been a few pages longer with an attempt to establish there is a lot more to come.


Cover Art Grade: A

Storyline Grade: A

Overall grade: A

Worth Collecting? 9 out of 10

Easy to Store? 10 out of 10

Retail price: $4.99


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