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Star Wars Black Series 6-Inch Deluxe Han Solo Hoth with Tauntaun

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Star Wars Black Series 6-Inch Deluxe Wave 2 Han Solo Hoth with Tauntaun

Amazing.  Congratulations Hasbro.  You did a bang up job on this one!  We could find hardly a thing wrong with this next figure in the Deluxe line.  The fans have spoken and were a bit upset the Luke Hoth with Wampa was not released instead of another Biker Scout with Speeder Bike but those that didn't get a Biker Scout now have that opportunity!  But let's focus on the Han Solo Hoth with Tauntaun...

Packaging is still solid and standard issue for what we've come to know and love from Hasbro.  The large window box design is still awesome so we can see so much of the figures and it is well displayed without opening the box.  The one comment we would make would be the image at the top right of the box.  If you stand back a bit you really can't tell that is a headshot of Han.  We feel it looks a bit like the Abominable Snow Man or something!

Han Solo Hoth

Another well-made 6-Inch action figure.  Lots of exceptional detail, which we love to see, especially when there are unexpected coat textures, boot straps, etc that really make this a nice display piece.  Han comes with a few accessories which are amazing and they are all displayed such that we know what they are and that they actually belong.  Plus the accessories are proportional!  LOVE it!  Let's have a closer look...

Well done!  The details in the blue jacket are exceptional.  The quilting at the top, the pockets and the button line are amazing!  On this particular figure, we notice some scarf paint missing but we do not notice any other areas of poor paint jobs.


Big creature!  But the profile placement in the box is well done.  Although the tail does block the bottom portion of Han Solo, it keeps the best and most-displayable portions open, so we are ok with this.

Let's look at the front of this ice planet native...

Wow!  If you look over this beast, you will see endless details.  Right down to those amazing horns!  What a great job on this figure!  Good articulation and I bet Solo can ride on the Tauntaun.  In ESB the creature itself has long, thick fur but we recognize that may not be possible.

The right half of this creature we notice right away the back saddle strap appear painted on and it was done with the greatest of accuracy.  The paint is spotty and the lines are inconsistent.  We think the rest looks great, with all the accessories on the back, ready for that tough night out on the plains of the Hoth planet.

There is just one item to note that we overall do not like about this figure set.  No snow.  They are on the ice planet of Hoth and in the movie they are covered in snow.  Some snow effects would have put this figure over the top!!  Hasbro did an amazing job with the intricate details and paint jobs (aside from the small blemishes we found) so adding that touch of fallen snow would have been absolutely perfect!


Packaging Grade: A

Han Solo Action Figure Grade: A-

Tauntaun Action Figure Grade: A-

Overall grade: A-

Worth Collecting? 10 out of 10

Easy to Store? 9 out of 10

Average Retail price: $45.99-59.99

Available to purchase at www.njtoysandcollectibles.com? Yes! But they are going fast!

Mint in packaging: $45.99 - Cheapest among online retailers and available right now!!



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