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Star Wars Black Series 6-Inch Sandtrooper Action Figure

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Star Wars Black Series 6-Inch Sandtrooper Action Figure

The 6-Inch Black Series action figure line is one of our favorites!  We love the packaging and high definition figures and wonderful detail with each figure.  We will analyze the 2nd generation Sandtrooper (re-packed in the "blue" packaging) and digest all aspects of this particular figure.


Packaging: A-

Good job Hasbro!

This action figure line has the best type of packaging.  We love the matte black finish and large window box display.  But what we love the most is...there is no blister!  Hasbro has found a way to eliminate any and all problems associated with the challenges presented from an action figure glued to a cardback.

The contents of the package include:

The outer box, the plastic tray and the Background insert, which we never expected to be a separate piece inside:

This insert actually helps with the overall package strength and stability.  But still surprised it was a separate and really thick piece of cardboard on the inside.

The plastic tray that the Sandtrooper actually rests in was a bit annoying.  We understand why this is done, but there are clear rubber bands that one must fight with, along with several guns and appendages that are passed through holes in the plastic tray that make it difficult to extract the figure out.

Ok, so why do we give this packaging an A- and not an A or A+?  There is one major flaw - packaging finish.  Although we love the matte black finish, we have found the slightest scrape or scratch shows up immediately, the corners tend to be really soft and many blemishes show up right away!

Action Figure: A-

The 6-Inch action figure line is a great size.  It is easy to spot from across the room and it allows for lots of small details that help bring the character to life.  For this Sandtrooper, we say thank you!  Hasbro has added some discoloration to give the effect the trooper is dirty and covered in sand.  Love it.  We also love the articulation but the exposed joints in the elbows and ankles are a bummer.  Also, with the backpack attached, it is nearly impossible to get this figure to stand up on its own.  The pack is just too heavy.


Altogether though, this figure is great.  It is perfect to display or to play with.  But we do find the left hand awkward since it's fixed at that bent angle (we assume to hold the rifle?).


Packaging Grade: A-

Action Figure Grade: A-

Overall grade: A-

Worth Collecting? 9 out of 10

Easy to Store? 9 out of 10

Average Retail price: $22.99

Available to purchase at www.njtoysandcollectibles.com? Yes!

Mint in packaging: http://stores.njtoysandcollectibles.com/star-wars-...

Loose figure in above pics: http://stores.njtoysandcollectibles.com/swbs-6-in-wave-5-sandtrooper-action-figure-loose/


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