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Star Wars Digital Collection Action Figures - Episodes I-VI

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Overall Grade: A

The packaging for this collector's series really had the true collector in mind.  There were many things we noticed right away that gave this collection intrinsic value as far as the packaging goes.  When we first opened the case (correct side up) we saw something amazing:

This is almost the sole reason to collect all six.  Amazing colors and character detail are well worth it!!  This was well thought out and you should spend time to study this whole image to find the hidden things that will jump out eventually. The only reason NOT to give this a grade of A+ is because it is just a touch cluttered.  But we still love it and find it amazing!  Good job, Hasbro!

How about the rest of the packaging, you ask?  Okay, we will get to that now...

We do like the rest of the packaging, with a few items with room for improvement.  The front of each set is nice.  It displays each of the included figures, which is the obvious choice.  This also gives an at-a-glance for those who are interested in only specific Episodes; they can quickly decide which ones they want.  Plus, this outer cover is clean and elegant.  Now the bad news: Where is Princess Leia??  We found it unfortunate Leia hasn't been represented in this collection.  There are soooo many Leia options that would have made this collection that much more amazing: Slave Leia, Leia Boushh, Leia Endor...

Some good news too: We love the Episode III set because there are four unique lightsabers!!  Definitely worth collecting for that!!

Ok, let's slip the covers off and check out the rest of the packaging...


Episodes I and II: We definitely love the display-ability from the packaging design.  Our biggest criticism is the light grey name text on a white background.  Can't see it too well.

Episode I: Battle Droid?  So many other characters that are more worthy of that space.  Disappointment there.  Also, R2-D2 could have had some...no, any accessory.  But this version is just plain vanilla.  Still love R2 but bleh...

Episode II: Better.  But Super Battle Droid?  Again, many other choices that would have made this one pop!


Episode III: Love, love, love this one because of the four lightsabers!!  Plus Darth Sidious is sufficiently creepy enough for our tastes!

Episode IV: We like this set because of the characters they chose, especially Chewy.  We do think Chewbacca looks a bit rabid in this set though, with the heavy coat of white paint around the mouth. 

Episode V: We like the character choices but here is where they could have placed a Leia figure.  We also think they could have beefed up Vader a bit to add a more aggressive element to his figure.  Lastly, isn't IG-88 supposed to have a blaster as well?  Could this be a repack from the Mission Series 2-pack which had Bossk and IG-88 with only a rifle??

You decide!!

Episode VI: This set is our absolute favorite because of the character choices.  Well, we love Boba Fett and Biker Scout.  But we are left a bit confused as to the final choices for this set.  We wouldn't have expected a Luke and Leia Endor to go with Wicket and the Biker Scout.  But that is just our opinion.  Still a great pack though and highly collectible!

Overall Grade: A

Our thoughts on the figures themselves is that globally, they are really nice.  But some of them (like Luke Jedi and Darth Vader) lack a bit in appropriate height and they are a bit too thin to be realistic.

All in all, we will give this figure an overall grade of: A. They have done a good job with this collector's series and we hope they continue with other additions and unique sets such as this one.


Packaging grade: A

Action Figure grade: A

Overall grade: A

Worth Collecting? 10 out of 10

Easy to Store? 8 out of 10

Available at www.njtoysandcollectibles.com?

Yes: http://stores.njtoysandcollectibles.com/digital-collection/

Retail Price Range: $21.99-29.99, Individual 4-Packs; $124.99-129.99, Whole case


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