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Star Wars Mission Series Two-Pack Wave 5: Sabine Wren Action Figure

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Star Wars Mission Series Two-Pack Sabine Wren Action Figure

The 4-Inch Mission Series action figure line is one of the hottest at the moment due to the highly sought after Star Wars Rebels Action Figures included! We would like to take this opportunity to evaluate these much-anticipated action figures as they come to the market and we will start with everybody's favorite: Sabine!  We will analyze the 5th generation of Mission Series 2-pack figures that include Sabine and Stormtrooper and digest all aspects of this particular figure.

Packaging: B+

We are extremely pleased with Hasbro, yet we cannot give a perfect score of A+.  It is our opinion that they listened to the action figure collectors regarding the packaging.  The cardback is thicker and much stronger from the previous releases.  A sturdy cardback makes a collectible figure and that is EXACTLY what we love!  The image on the cardback followed through from the previous Star Wars Rebels figures, which we do like and are not tired of it yet.

We still see Disney is promoting the Star Wars Rebels show on the Disney channel with a sticker on the right-hand side of the front of the packaging and we still do not think this is necessary.  But, we are glad it is not on the front of the figure, so it's a step in the right direction!

Upon closer inspection, we see at the two folded sides of the cardback and at the top where the blister attaches to the backing, there is tape.  This is the main reason we score the packaging a B+.  The Star Wars action figure packaging from years past never needed tape (clearly an inexpensive support structure for the blister glue) and we think Hasbro can step up the glue quality and eliminate the need for tape.  We say this because the tape can rip, dry out and flake, crack, etc which are bad words for collectors!

That being said, there are many wonderful things about the packaging.  Specifically, the imagery.  The picture on the back of the card is awesome!!  We love the impression of Sabine to be spunky and (not surprisingly) a bit of a Rebel!  The picture quality is nice and it is a clear image which we can all enjoy!

Figure: B+

We love the Sabine character but if you look at the image on the back of the cardback you can see there are distinct colors missing on the actual figure.  For example, the forearm and gloves that Sabine is wearing on the cardback are not reflected on the actual figure.  As well, this character is pictures both times (once on the back, once on the front left side) without her helmet on yet that is not something that is removable.  The actual figure was made with the helmet AS the head.  Producing an action figure with a removable helmet would have put this figure over the top with popularity and creativity.


Packaging Grade: B+

Action Figure Grade: B+

Overall grade: B+

Worth Collecting? 10 out of 10

Easy to Store? 10 out of 10

Average Retail price: $11.99-$34.99

Available to purchase at www.njtoysandcollectibles.com? Yes!  But they are going fast!

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